isoMAX Circutherm included in the National Environmental Database!

Great news for sustainable construction! isoMAX Circutherm 50 - the first circular insulation glass - is now recognized in the National Environmental Database.

Together with Alba Concepts, we worked on the life cycle assessment (LCA) of isoMAX Circutherm. The results were even better than we expected beforehand. The environmental statement has been included in the National Environmental Database.

The Role of the National Environmental Database:

With its integration into the NMD, isoMAX Circutherm contributes to lowering the Environmental Performance of Buildings (MPG) score, crucial for environmental permits and MIA subsidies. With tightened MPG standards in 2025, isoMAX is the choice for future-proof construction.

Impactful LCA Results:

An LCA provides clear, quantifiable insights into the environmental performance of products throughout their life cycle. This is crucial for manufacturers who value sustainable product development.

With isoMAX, we reduce the MKI value from €4.62 to €1.72, which represents enormous progress. Our CO2 reduction of 72% compared to the industry average sets new sustainability standards.

We are proud that isoMAX Circutherm 50 is part of the National Environmental Database. Choosing circular glazing from isoMAX can realize a significant reduction in environmental impact compared to traditional insulating glass.

What makes isoMAX Circutherm 50 so special?

isoMAX Circutherm 50 is not just any insulation glass. It combines one new glass section with a thermal coating and one reused panel, resulting in superior thermal and acoustic performance. Produced in Almere, it brings innovation directly from our production line to your project.

Looking to lower your MPG score? isoMAX Circutherm 50 is the solution you can't ignore.

Curious about the details? Download the SPD.

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