The idea behind isoMAX

Why circular glass?

Glass is a great product. It has a lot of advantages. In addition to those benefits, there are some things that can be done differently when it comes to the production and recycling of glass.

Glass production currently still has a major impact on our climate in terms of the amount of (scarce) raw materials and amount of energy required to produce glass. Although glass is very well recycled, that too takes a lot of energy.

To reduce the aforementioned impact, circular glass is in many ways a solution that helps achieve individual, organizational and government climate goals.

So don't hesitate and use isoMaX circular glass in glass repair and preservation projects. Busy with renovation projects where glass is being replaced, we are happy to meet with you to take over the old glass.

Climate impact glass

6th material steam (400 kton)

7th waste stream (115 kton)

4th CO₂ emitter (266 kton)

isoMAX reduces the CO₂ impact by 95% !