Glass harvesting

Old glass available? Report the project!

Producing circular glass requires waste glass. We are always looking for market parties who want to cooperate with us when it comes to (large quantities of) waste glass. Think of renovation and maintenance projects of real estate and civil objects.

If you have a project where a nice size and/or composition becomes available please report the project.

We provide bucks and transportation free of charge.

Insulating glass collection criteria

Interesting glass
Are you in possession of glass from the 1970s onward? Perfect! Research by HvA/TU shows that this type of glass is extremely reusable. Glass earlier than 1970 may also be suitable, although it is sometimes complicated to disassemble due to asbestos-containing butylene sealant. Therefore, our preference is for glass from 1970 onward.

We are continuously interested in all insulation glass of the following compositions where the pane consists of 1 or 2 sheets.

  • 4mm float
  • 5mm float
  • 6mm float
  • 33.pvb laminated
  • 44.pvb laminated


Other usable glass types
Various types of patterned glass (such as satin, crepi,
brocade, wire glass) as large as a front door pane

  • Laminated glass with a frosted film
  • Laminated glass 10mm and 12mm thick,
    both minimum 2m² in size
  • 5mm PH sliding windows

Desired size and origin
Glass smaller than 1m² is often labor intensive to dismantle, so we focus on glass of about 1m² or larger. Glass from aluminum or plastic
frames, which have not been painted and have less damage, is our preference. But glass from wooden frames is of course also welcome.

Be careful with glass set in butylene sealant; this sealant may contain asbestos and is not suitable for disassembly. Not sure? Always check your asbestos report.

How does it work
Do you have glass available that meets the criteria? Then sign it up. We will then provide transportation and the necessary trestles at no cost. The trestles do need to be loaded by the provider, with corks between the glass sheets and properly tied off.

Any questions or uncertainties?
If in doubt about the type of glass, check the coding in the cavity and contact us. We will be happy to help you determine the type of glass. If necessary, contact one of our experts. If necessary, they can watch from a distance.

Glass jar full? Have it picked up!

Buck(s) full? We come to pick them up and bring them back empty if necessary. Please indicate via the button which buck(s) it concerns.

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