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Unigarant and ANWB enable circular damage repair for its customers

Unigarant policyholders (known for the Unigarant and ANWB insurance brands) can now opt for circular glass repair. IsoMAX will soon be available throughout the Netherlands, thanks to the cooperation between Unigarant (100% subsidiary of the ANWB) and GSF Glasgroep. Damage repair company Uniglas ensures that everything runs smoothly.

'Offering circular glass repair is an important step toward sustainability and social responsibility,' said Maarten Rood, director of GSF Glasgroep. 'The cooperation with Unigarant and Uniglas means that isoMAX has proven itself. Just a technically excellent product, but with far fewer disadvantages for the environment. I hope that policyholders, like us, also dare to choose circular,' Maarten says.

With the adoption of IsoMAX, Unigarant is also taking an important step towards sustainability and social responsibility. Currently, customers with home insurance in the Utrecht region are given the choice: circular or new. Haralt Lucas, expertise and claims team manager at Unigarant: 'The quality of isoMAX is not at all inferior to that of new insulation glass. It has the same quality guarantees and quality marks as standard glass. As an insurer we only want to offer top quality and circular glass is a comparable option. Compared to completely new glass, you save enormously on raw materials and energy costs during production. So we are working together towards fully circular operations and sustainable repair in 2050. We go for sustainable damage repair and have full confidence in the cooperation with GSF and Uniglas.'

Uniglas, for many years a loyal partner of GSF, acts as the control center and coordinates the restoration for its clients. Director Hein Pols: 'reducing our CO2 emissions is absolutely our priority. We address our own emissions by driving electrically and by installing solar panels on our office building. Offering circular glass is therefore a nice addition to our sustainable mission. We work throughout the Netherlands, so soon IsoMAX will be everywhere, from Groningen to Limburg. Our partners are also enthusiastic.

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